[BÁN FILE] Masstel Juno Q7 7.0 MT6580

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    Reinsert phone battery.
    Battery must be charged.
    Phone must be off with battery inside.
    Please insert USB cable now...
    Detected : MediaTek USB Port (COM40)
    Boot mode: Brom
    BBCHIP: 6580 0 ca00
    Using Algo 1.
    Phone detected...Please wait
    Sending DA agent, please wait...
    [emmi]EMMC CID: 450001704545384813
    BaseBand CPU :MT6580
    BaseBand CPU Secure Version : 05
    BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : FE
    EMMC: (57Gb+8192Mb) KSI 0x454838454538
    EMMC FW VERSION: 01:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
    EMMC CID: 700100454838454538 : 00000000000000
    EMMC UA SIZE: 0x1c8000000
    FULL LENGTH: 0x1c8c00000 [7.137 GB]
    Status: USB_FULL_SPEED
    Detecting high speed port, wait......
    If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
    If not need high speed port, disable it.
    After repeat opperation.
    Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android) (COM41)
    Build ID: NRD90M
    Display ID: MASSTEL-JUNO-Q7-V01
    Version: 7.0
    Build Date: Wed Mar 14 10:45:35 CST 2018
    Model: Juno Q7
    Brand: Masstel
    Device: Masstel_Juno_Q7
    Manufacturer: Masstel
    Mediatek Version Release: alps-mp-n0.mp2-V1.30_zechin6580.we.n_P59
    Dumping Preloader.
    Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour.......
    Start processing proinfo
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x80000 - LEN: 0x300000
    Start processing nvram
    IMEI[1] from NVRAM: 867491030511755
    IMEI[2] from NVRAM: 867491030611951
    Start processing protect1 ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x880000 - LEN: 0xa00000
    Start processing protect2 ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x1280000 - LEN: 0xa00000
    Start processing lk ......
    Start processing boot
    Start processing recovery
    Start processing logo ......
    Start processing frp ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x4fa0000 - LEN: 0x100000
    Start processing trustzone
    Start processing nvdata ......
    Reading: BEGIN: 0x5aa0000 - LEN: 0x2000000
    Start processing secro
    Reading: BEGIN: 0xa200000 - LEN: 0x600000
    Start processing system
    Reading: BEGIN: 0xb000000 - LEN: 0xa0000000
    Saved to : C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Android_MTK\firmware_backup\MT6580_EMMC_Masstel_Juno Q7_7_0_alps-mp-n0_mp2-V1_30_zechin6580_we_n_P59(2019_02_15_15_11)
    Wait untill phone will start charging.

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